Cascading Style Sheets 2.0: Programmer's Reference

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April 2001



The most authoritative quick reference available for CSS programmers. This handy resource gives you programming essentials at your fingertips, including all the new tags and features in CSS 2.0. You'll get concise information on designing and deploying complex style sheets as well as details on browser support.


<H2> Part I: Reference.<H3> Chapter 1: Basic Concepts.<H3> Chapter 2: Units.<H3> Chapter 3: Selectors, Psuedo-Elements and -Classes, and At-Rules.<H3> Chapter 4: Visual Media Styles.<H3> Chapter 5: Paged Media Styles.<H3> Chapter 6: Aural Media Styles.<H2> Part II: Summaries.<H3> Chapter 7: Browser Support Chart.<H3> Chapter 8: Property Quick Reference.<H3> Chapter 9: Useful Sites.


Eric A. Meyer (Cleveland, OH) has been working with the Web since late 1993. He is currently the Internet Applications Manager for the OPAL Group, an information technology firm in Cleveland, Ohio. Eric is an Invited Expert and member of the W3C CSS&FP Working Group, and he is responsiblr for coordinating the creation of the W3C's CSS Test Suite. Eric continues to remain active on CSS newsgroups and edits Web Review's Style Sheets Reference
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