The Ritual of Rights in Japan: Law, Society, and Health Policy

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The Ritual of Rights in Japan rejects the traditional view that Japan is a nation where overt conflict and the assertion of rights are unacceptable. It examines both mistorical events and contemporary policy, particularly recent battles over AIDS policy and the definition of death--in concluding that rights-based conflict is an important part of Japanese legal, political, and social practice. This book describes a nation where rights have become weapons in battles over politics and policy, asserted by those seeking both individual remedies and social change.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Reconsidering rights in Japanese law and society; 2. Rights in Japanese history; 3. Patients, rights and protest in contemporary Japan; 4. AIDS policy and the politics of rights; 5. Asserting rights, legislating death; 6. Litigation and the courts: talking about rights; 7. A sociolegal perspective on rights in Japan; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'It is, in short, essential and provocative reading for all students of Japan.' Japanese Journal of Political Science 'The book reminds us of the significance of critical examination of cultural myths and assumptions, and the costs of isolating contemporary issues from history. Feldman also demonstrates that innovative scholarship comes from in-depth analysis of the previous literature, painstaking data collection and, above all, open-mindedness' Naoko Muramatsu, Social Science Japan Journal '... compelling insights into the role of individual rights in Japan, persuasively critiques prevailing models of the legal system and social conflict in Japan, and effectively highlights the similarities - as well as the differences - between Japan and other countries. As such, it should appeal to students of Japanese history and politics as well as legal studies. It is, in short, essential and provocative reading for all students of Japan.' Japanese Journal of Political Science
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