Vida Clandestina: My Life in the Cuban Revolution

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August 2002



This is the personal story of a middle-class, Jewish, US educated Cuban who joins Che Guevara and Fidel Castro to become a leader in the dramatic and dangerous urban underground during the struggle and ultimate triumph of the revolution, from 1952-1959.


Why I wrote this book; Part I Before the plains and the Sierra: Batista's coup d'etat; first revolutionary impulses; student in the United States; journey to Latin America; attack on the Moncada quarter; return to Cuba; revolutionary quest; joining the 26 July Movement. Part II The plains: conspiracy in Havana; the civil resistance movement; the fight in Las Villas; strike of April 9; the Sierra assumes command. Part III The sierra: Che in Las Villas; the Sierra Maestra. Part IV After the plains and the sierra; Batista flees; Fidel marches on Havana; government minister; the revolution takes power.


Enrique Oltuski is the Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Merchant Marine in Havana, Cuba.


Castro's Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Merchant Marine recounts his role as a secret revolutionary among the middle classes in the cities and plains of 1950s Cuba.Born the son a well-to-do shoe manufacturer in central Cuba, sent to Miami to study engineering in the early '50s, Oltuski was groomed to be a solid member of Cuba's upper-middle classes. Despite his parents' best efforts and his father's protests that a revolution was no place for Jews, however, Enrique was a revolutionary at heart, dedicated to social justice and the overthrow of military dictator Batista. After his graduation in 1954, Oltuski joined the movement in earnest, first in Miami, where he attempted to secure arms for the struggle, and then in Cuba, where as a traveling executive with Shell Oil he was perfectly placed to spread propaganda, organize strikes, and plant the occasional bomb. The author rose through the ranks to join those who had contact with the revolution's superstars, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Oltuski's less glamorous station was in the plains, where he and his comrades were kept busy "collecting money, supplying arms and clothing, committing acts of sabotage, executing enemies, producing underground newspapers, recruiting and organizing member of the revolutionary movement." Through his tale of secret meetings, assignments, commutes, and endless discussions of revolutionary theory, Oltuski is able to elucidate the messy progression of the uprising; woven among the sometimes dry political details are the author's recollections of youthful partying, womanizing, and marriage. We end the story with our man in place as an utterly unqualified buy highly enthusiastic minister of communications; an epilogue noting his current position attests to his political staying power.A rare and valuable insider's take. (&75,000 as/promo; author tour) ("KIRKUS" Reviews, July 1, 2002)How could Enrique Oltuski's well-written memoir of his double life during the Cuban Revolution not
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