Simulation procedure for nitrate transport in groundwater

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Juni 2011



Predicating evolution and transport of nitrate, acommon groundwater contaminant in agriculturalwatersheds, can reliably be done through numericalmodelling. This publication is an elaboration of thenumerical technique and simulation procedure fornitrate transport through a porous media. equationsgoverning fluid and contaminant transport through porous media aresolved numerically using the integrated finite difference method. the algorithms generated are then implemented using object oriented computercodes written in C++ programming language.the usefulness of the simulator in proved atvalidation stage where the simulated results are wellcomparable to field data obtained from the area ofsimulation. the manuscript is beneficial toprofessionals and students of environmentalphysics,civil and water engineering, and appliedmathematics.


Okiambe, B. E. holds an M.Sc (physics)and B.Ed (Sc)degrees fromKenyatta university. currently He is a senior lecturer of Physicsand Mathematics at Gusii Institute of Technology and teachesundergraduate physics courses during part time at KisiiUniversity College.
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Untertitel: A numerical technique and simulation procedure for nitrate fate and transport processes in an anisotropic aquifer. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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