Discovering Existence with Husserl

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Juli 1998



Contemporary philosophers are increasingly turning to the work of Emmanuel Levinas to bring a consideration of ethics into their own thinking. As an exponent of the phenomenological tradition, Levinas ranks with Heidegger and Sartre; as a disciple of Husserl, he was one of the most independent and original interpreters, testifying to the fruitfulness of Husserl's phenomenology and the many different paths it opened up for thought.In collecting almost all of Levinas's articles on Husserlian phenomenology, this volume gathers together a wealth of thoughtful exposition and interpretation by one of the most important European philosophers of the twentieth century. Levinas's thought is relevant to a broad variety of disciplines and concerns; this volume serves as a reliable introduction for the beginning student, as well as satisfying the expert's more demanding and critical desire for insight into the complexities and difficulties of Levinas's thought.


Levinas's important works in phenomenology include Existence and Existents, Totality and Infinity, and Northwestern University Press's The Theory of Intuition in Husserl's Phenomenology. He died in 1996.
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