The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare

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Lively, accessible and innovative, this introduction to ShakespeareÔÇ(tm)s plays is divided into seven subject-based chapters: Character; Performance; Texts; Language; Structure; Sources and History. It promotes active engagement with the plays and proves that there is space for new and fresh thinking, even on the most-studied and familiar plays.


Preface; 1. Character; 2. Performance; 3. Texts; 4. Language; 5. Structure; 6. Sources; 7. History.


Emma Smith is Fellow and Tutor in English at Hertford College, University of Oxford.


'... a dazzling, reader-friendly tutorial in reading Shakespearean drama.' Emily Bartels, Rutgers University, New Jersey 'I'll be entirely happy to recommend this to students. It's accessible, it's divided up by topic in a way that reflects the different approaches one might take to Shakespeare in class (e.g. structure/genre, historical context), the suggestions for further reading are realistic and helpful and include well-chosen online materials, and it's framed in a way that invites further discussion either in the classroom or in the study.' Tom Rutter, Sheffield Hallam University
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