Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities: Exploring Childrens' Gender and Sexual Relations in the Primary School

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This book takes an unrelenting look at the hidden worlds of young children's sexualities. Based upon extensive group interviews and observation, this book taps into and conceptualizes the significance of young children's understandings of their own sexualities. The author illustrates how sexuality and gender are embedded in children's cultures; peer relations and identity formations: how being a "good" boy or girl involves investing in a heterosexual identity and how girls are central to the formation of boys' sexual cultures and identities.


1. Sexualising gender, gendering sexuality: some introductions 2. Presumed innocence: young children, sexualities and schooling 3. To be or not to be 'girlie': negotiating (hetero)sexualised femininities 4. Boys 'doing' masculinity: mission impossible? 5. Girls, girlfriends and (hetero)sexualities: pleasure, power and danger 6. Boys, boyfriends and (hetero)sexualities: fears and frustrations 7. We're not like most girls and boys: being the gendered and sexualised Other 8. Thinking Otherwise about girls, boys and sexualities: concluding thoughts


Emma Renold is a lecturer in the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.


'This publication will be a valuable resource for all with an interest in childhood studies.' "- ChildRIGHT" 'This is a fascinating study based on close work in real primary schools' - "Gerald Haigh, TES"
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