The Accession of Henry II in England: Royal Government Restored, 1149-1159

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November 1993



Examines the steps by which Henry II negotiated peace and established the authority of his government.


Part 1 Communities in transition: the kingdom in transition; an Angevin community - Gloucestershire; a divided community - Oxfordshire; a royalist community - Essex; the Anglo-Flemish community; the financial community. Part 2 Royal financial administration: the sheriffs and the exchequer; the condition of the kingdom; the farms and the "Terre Date"; developments in royal revenue; conclusion. Appendices: royal revenues, 1155-59; annual county farms.


The evidence is handled with sensitivity and thoroughness, and the result is a stimulating and helpful monograph which much advances the study of this political watershed. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW Exemplary monograph. ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW Amt's study of Henry taking control of England is a convincing refurbishing of his traditional portrait as a political genius. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW An original, illuminating, and lucid study of an important subject. It is based on sound scholarship and extensive research and will be of considerable value to students and teachers of twelfth-century Anglo-Norman and Angevin history. ALBION A new and exciting approach examin(ing) a transitional period encompassing two reigns. Elegantly written and well crafte. it causes us to reconsider received opinion concerning Stephen's mainentance of royal government during the civil war and the nature of policies carried out by Henry II. SPECULUM
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