Strategic Information Management in Hospitals

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April 2004



Strategic Information Management In Hospitals: An Introduction To Hospital Information Systems is a definitive volume written by four authoritative voices in medical informatics. Illustrating the importance of hospital information management in delivering high quality health care at the lowest possible cost, this book provides the essential resources needed by the medical informatics specialist to understand and successfully manage the complex nature of hospital information systems. Author of the book's Foreword, Reed M. Gardner, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Informatics, University of Utah and LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah, applauds the text's focus on the underlying administrative systems that are in place in hospitals throughout the world. He writes, "These administrative systems are fundamental to the development and implementation of the even more challenging systems that acquire, process, and manage the patient's clinical information. Hospital information systems provide a major part of the information needed by those paying for health care." Chapter highlights include: significance of information processing in hospitals; information systems and their components; health information systems; architectures of hospital information systems; and organizational structures for information management.


Introduction*Significance of Information Processing in Hospitals*Progress in Information and Communication Technology*Importance of Systematic Information Management*Basic Concepts*Data, Information, and Knowledge*IT Systems and Their Components*Hospital Information Systems (HIS)*Information Management in Hospitals*What Do HIS Look Like?*Hospital Functions*Modeling HIS*A Meta Model for Modeling HIS: 3LGM*Information Processing Tools in Hospitals*Architectures of HIS*What Are Good HIS?*Quality of Structures*Quality of Processes*Outcome Quality*How To Strategically Manage HIS*Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Information Management*Organizational Structures for Information Management*Strategic Planning of HIS*Strategic Monitoring of HIS*Strategic Directing of HIS*Final Remarks*Appendix A: Thesaurus*Appendix B: Books; Proceedings; Journals; Associations; Internet Resources*Appendix C: List of Examples and Exercises*Appendix D: List of Tables and Figures


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