Family Systems Therapy: Developments in the Milan-Systemic Therapies

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April 1993



Family Systems Therapy Developments in the Milan- Systemic Therapies Elsa Jones Foreword by Donald A. Bloch, M.D., Family Systems Medicine, New York, USA This book gives an incisive and perceptive overview of the development of systemic therapies associated with the Milan approach. The author describes how, during the last decade, systemic therapies have developed through feedback from the clients, therapists and trainees who use them. This has caused a shift from ' the model' to a more personal integration of influences (including systemic, social constructionist, and feminist), leading to an approach which is ethical, practical and responsive. The author explores the development of the approach, using detailed transcripts from case examples, together with ' behind-the-scenes' consultations with therapists, trainers and supervisors, which bring the theory alive. Criticism of the approach is considered, together with controversial topics that are emerging today, to provide a valuable up-to-date guide for both newcomers to the field and experienced practitioners. This book appears in the Wiley Series in Family Psychology Series Editor: Neil Frude, University of Wales College of Cardiff, UK


Family Systems Therapy. Working in Teams. Working with Families 1. Working with Families 2. Working with Couples. Working with Individuals. The Abuse of Power. Working with Systems Other than Families: 1 Consultation. Working with Systems Other than Families: 2 Training. Developments in the Systemic Therapies. References. Indexes.
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