Peter and Lotta's Adventure

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Mai 2001



Elsa Beskow's picture books for children have been known and loved for over a century. This new addition to the Peter and Lotta series is published in English for the first time. When Peter and Lotta give away one of their kittens, they find themselves having a day full of adventures, including the excitement of going to a fair. But will they manage to get home safely?


Elsa Beskow (1874-1953) is the most popular children's illustrator in Sweden, where her picture books have been known and loved for over a century.


'Another well-loved picture book from Elsa Beskow.' -- Kindling: Early Childhood Care and Education, Winter 2003 'The illustrations are bold and colourful, they are realistic and seem to stand out from the page. The black and white silhouettes are fun. We liked this book and would recommend it to others.' -- Karis (9) and Galen (5), Education Otherwise, December 2003
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