Television News and the Supreme Court: All the News That's Fit to Air?

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A comprehensive examination of how numerous constraints faced by reporters covering the Supreme Court contribute to patterns of infrequent, brief, and often incorrect and misleading stories about the Court that subsequently are aired on TV news broadcasts.


List of tables; Acknowledgements; 1. Television news: a critical link between the Supreme Court and the American public; 2. The Supreme Court beat: a view from the press; 3. Television news and the Supreme Court: opportunities and constraints; 4. A tale of two cases: Bakke and Webster; 5. A tale of two terms: the 1989 and 1994 court terms; 6. 'The Supreme Court decided today ...' - or did it?; 7. Which decisions are reported? It's the issue, stupid!; 8. Television news and the Supreme Court: all the news that's fit to air?; Appendix: schedule of interviews; Notes; References; Index.


"...will certainly remain a definitive book on the subject of television coverage of the Supreme Court. This well organized and well-written book is far superior to other works focusing on media coverage of the Supreme Court (Davis, Devol, Graham, and Katsh). That is because Slotnick and Segal analyze the subject from just about every possible angle, employing a variety of methods and providing different levels of analysis." David M. O'Brien, The Law and Politics Book Review "...a valuable and detailed view of how broadcasters cover the Court as well as some sense of how coverage has changed over time." Robert E. Drechsel, Judicature "Appropriate for journalists, lawyers, and scholars and students of mass communications and judicial process." Choice "...provide[s] a highly readable scholarly examination of the ways in which the media, particularly television news, (mis)inform the public about the Supreme Court...Television News and the Supreme Court contributes significant new information about the Court and the reporters who cover it...this book could become part of an excellent graduate course on the interactions of the Court and the media." Susan Dente Ross, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
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