Teaching American Students: A Guide for International Faculty and Teaching Assistants in Colleges and Universities

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Many faculty and graduate students from other countries expect language difficulties when they teach, but are unprepared for other surprises: different cultures make different assumptions about the academic background of college students, how students learn, the appropriate roles of teachers and students, and even the fundamental purpose of a college education.The third edition of "Teaching American Students" explains the expectations of undergraduates at American colleges and universities and offers practical strategies for teaching, including how to give clear presentations, how to teach interactively, and how to communicate effectively. Also included are illustrative examples as well as advice from international faculty and teaching assistants. Appendices offer concrete suggestions on topics from planning the first day of class to grading papers and problem sets.


Ellen Sarkisian is an Associate Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University and the Educational Consultant at the Harvard School of Public Health.


A wonderful introduction to teaching in the United States. Any international scholar who attempts to help American students learn will appreciate the rich insights into the culture of the American Classroom. Full of practical wisdom that teachers can apply immediately, this book offers approaches to teaching and learning that any teacher will find useful. Ellen Sarkisian has thought extensively about what someone would want to know about helping American students learn and she has covered all of the bases in a well-written and concise introduction. I would recommend it strongly for any programs that work with international graduate students and other international scholars who teach in the United States.--Ken Bain, author of "What the Best College Teachers Do"
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