Neuroscience Nursing

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Neuroscience Nursing: A Spectrum of Care, 3rd Edition addresses the complicated needs of neuroscience patients and equips providers with in-depth knowledge of neurophysiology, neuroassessment, and neuromanagement to help provide the best patient care. This 3rd edition's carefully refined features enhance the book's readability, and the new 8-page color insert with 40 plates features important information on neurophysiology, diagnostics scans, and disorders such as aneurysms. Readers will find comprehensive information on foundations in neuroanatomy and data collection; thorough discussions of neurologic disorders; management considerations for frequently encountered neurologic conditions; and legal and ethical issues relevant to life care planning for the neuroscience patient.


Part I Neuroanatomy and Assessment
1. Neuroanatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System
2. The Adult Neurologic Assessment
3. Neurodiagnostic Studies
Part II Neurologic Disorders
4. Central Nervous System Infections
5. Metabolic Disorders
6. Altered States of Consciousness and Sleep
7. Brain Tumors
8. Cranial Surgeries
9. Neuroscience Critical Care Management
10. Intracranial Pressure Monitoring
11. Neurotrauma: Traumatic Brain Injury
12. Neurotrauma: Spinal Injury
13. Neurorehabilitation
14. Nontraumatic Disorders of the Spine
15. Peripheral Nerve Disorders
16. Cranial Nerve Deficits
17. Stroke Management
18. Aneurysms-NEW!
19. Management of Movement Disorders
20. Inflammatory Demyelinating Diseases-NEW!
21. Management of Dementia and Motor Neuron Disease-NEW!
22. Neuromuscular Junction and Muscle Disease
Part III Neurologic Conditions
23. Management of the Neuroscience Patient with Pain
24. Management of Seizures and Epilepsy
Part IV Legal Considerations
25. Legal Issues and Life Care Planning for the Neuroscience Patient
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