Amazing Jellies: Jewels of the Sea

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Oktober 2004



The second of our series with the New England Aquarium, Amazing Jellies presents an entertaining and authoritative look into the little-known world of what we commonly, but incorrectly, have known as jellyfish. Jellies are among the most beautiful and unusual animals on earth. They are present in all the oceans of the world and their fossils have been found in rocks 650 million years old. They have no brain, no liver, no kidneys, no heart, no lungs, or gills. They do not need blood, have no eyes, nose or tongue. They can be lethal and are nearly always beautiful. Disappearing Giants: The North Atlantic Right Whale was our first collaboration with the New England Aquarium, and with the same depth and clarity, Amazing Jellies provides the reader with a thorough understanding of jellies and their role in the ocean. The book takes advantage of the most recent research into jellies, which explores how climate change and global warming are affecting the sea jellies of the world, as well as the rest of us. Beautiful colour photographs accompany a clearly written and wide-ranging text.


Elizabeth Gowell is a former marine educator at the New England Aquarium and author of many books.


"I have recently begun to study jellyfish, at this point more interested in photographs and brief descriptions rather than full pages of scientific data. My study is writer-related rather than scientifically related, so 'Amazing Jellies' was perfect for my goal. It is also nice if you are looking for a special jelly book for a school age child with advanced reading skills. "
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