Marital Violence: An English Family History, 1660-1857

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In a time before divorce was generally accepted and husbands assumed the right to beat their wives, Elizabeth Foyster examines the variety of ways in which men, women and children responded to marital violence. This issue raised central questions concerning the extent of men's authority over other family members, the limitations of women's property rights, and the problems of access to divorce and child custody. Although opinion about the legitimacy of marital violence continued to be divided, Foyster demonstrates that beliefs determinig intolerable or cruel behavior had changed significantly by the nineteenth century.


1. Rethinking the histories of violence;
2. Resisting violence;
3. Children and marital violence;
4. Beyond conjugal ties and spaces;
5. The origins of professional responses.


Elizabeth Foyster is Lecturer in History at Clare College, Cambridge. She previously published Manhood in Early Modern England: Honour, Sex and Marriage (1999).


'... Marital Violence is an excellent work, it would grace anybody's library especially if their specialist subject is among the listed ones of gender studies, feminism, social history and family history. I enjoyed reading it and it is worth reading for its own sake.' Open History 'As well as revising previous analyses of wife-beating Marital Violence also addresses some of its little-studied and disturbing features ... with flair, sympathy and intelligence, Foyster has moved the field far beyond current platitudes and given historians of interpersonal violence, family relationships and gender new avenues of research to explore.' Journal of Continuity and Change
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