Life, A Labour of Love

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Juni 2011



This monograph takes up and explores philosophical approaches and attitudes towards death, particularly those of fear and acceptance. I begin with the psychological truth that certain kinds of life seem to actuate and eventuate into fear of death. This life-style is characterized by control and a (false) sense of security, and, my thesis, is that it is best overcome by the recognition and affirmation of the subjective meaning that can actually be had in life; namely, love. For those who need further persuading, I examine the metaphysical nature of death, and the arguments, beliefs, and corresponding attitudes that are actually sustainable in light of its metaphysical status. I conclude that the life of Socrates, as one that is characterized by a loving pursuit of truth, is a genuine affirmation that stands in the face of death and truly enables acceptance and overcoming of fear without delusion, aspiration, or pretence.


Elizabeth Doyle is a PhD student (candidate IV) at York University, Toronto, Canada. Her area of specialization is biomedical ethics, and, in particular, end-of-life hospital practices. She is also a research student for the Ontario Training Center's Health Services and Policy Research program.
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Untertitel: An Existential and Psychological investigation in overcoming fear of death. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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