The Collected Stories

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A collection of Elizabeth Bowen's short stories ranging from love stories and tales about childhood to ghost stories and stories of London during the Blitz.


Elizabeth Bowen was born in Dublin in 1899, the only child of an Irish lawyer and land-owner. She travelled a great deal, dividing most of her time between London and Bowen's Court, the family house in County Cork which she inherited. Her first book, a collection of shorts stories, Encounters, was published in 1923. The Hotel (1926) was her first novel. She was awarded the CBE in 1948, and received honorary degrees from Trinity College, Dublin in 1949, and from Oxford University in 1956. The Royal Society of Literature made her a Companion of Literature in 1965. Elizabeth Bowen died in 1973.


"Bowen's stories show the awesome capabilities of the English language and the surprise and mystery of the human soul" Anne Tyler "Bowen's stories are novels that have been split open like rocks and reveal the glitter of the naked crystals which have formed them" -- V.S. Pritchett Vogue
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