A Window into Multicultural America

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Juni 2011



In this book I discuss how literature and particularly the short story can contribute to language learning and educate us about the diversity in the world. The short stories of Leslie Marmon Silko, Alice Walker and Raymond Carver give readers and students a unique insight into different aspects of a multicultural society. This book further explores the didactic benefits of using short stories as a learning tool when teaching English as a foreign language in Norwegian high schools. In the Norwegian Education plan teachers are encouraged to use literature as a learning tool. The purpose would not only be to expand students' grammatical skills and vocabulary, but also to expand their cultural understanding. I have offered a variety of short stories in order for students to discover the multicultural America, and in doing so breaking down stereotypical ideas of different cultures within the American society.


Elisabeth Kolbeinsen (born December 7th 1986) is from Harstad, a town in Northern Norway. She completed her Master's in English and Education at the University of Tromso in the fall of 2010. She is now pursuing her career as a teacher.
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