Roads to Reconciliation

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The past two decades have witnessed the end of several civil wars and authoritarian regimes. The global media brings the height of the conflicts to an international audience, but as the wars end and tensions resolve the media turns away, neglecting the often painful and slow process of reconciliation. In this volume, experts with both practical and policy experience in international conflict explore how societies confront and negotiate a repressive past characterized by gross human-rights violations. Grounding readers in theoretical approaches, the book explores contemporary experiences of reconciliation in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


Part 1 Part I: Starting Points Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Roads to Reconciliation: A Conceptual Framework Part 4 Part II: Roads to Reconciliation Part 5 The UN Chapter 6 The Second Generation UN-based tribunals: A Diversity of Mixed Jurisdictions Part 7 Africa Chapter 8 Healing and Social Reintegration in Mozambique and Angola Chapter 9 Rwanda: An Atypical Transition Chapter 10 The Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission Part 11 Latin America Chapter 12 Argentina: Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Chapter 13 The Salvadorian Truth Commissions of 1979 and 1992 Part 14 Europe and Asia Chapter 15 Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Chapter 16 The Limits of Reconciliation in Cambodia's Communes Chapter 17 Nahe Biti: Grassroots Reconciliation in East Timor Part 18 Part III: Reflections Chapter 19 Justice and Reconciliation Chapter 20 Coming to Terms with Irreconcilable Truths Chapter 21 Rule-Based Reconciliation


Elin Skaar is Senior Researcher and Head of the Human Rights Programme at the Chr. Michelsen Institute. Siri Gloppen is Researcher at University of Bergen, Department of Comparative Politics and heads the "Courts in Transition" research programme at Chr. Michelsen Institute. Astri Suhrke is Senior Research Fellow at the Chr. Michelsen Institute.
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