Fatigue Design: Life Expectancy of Machine Parts

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Fatigue Design: Life Expectancy of Machine Parts provides the information and the tools needed for optimal design of machine parts that are free from unexpected failure. It highlights practical approaches for effectively solving fatigue problems, including minimizing the risk of hidden perils that may arise during production processes or from exposure to the environment.


Chapter 1. Introduction References
Chapter 2. Solid Mechanics Elasticity Stress Deformation and Strain Stress-Strain Relation Energy and Work Equivalent Stresses and Strains Plasticity Yield Function Stress-Strain Relation Work Hardening Incremental and Deformation Theories Finite Element Method The Equilibrium Condition Nonlinear Problems References
Chapter 3. Stress Method Tests and Test Results Standard Fatigue Tests Statistical Analysis of Fatigue Data One-Dimensional Analysis of Machine Parts Infinite Fatigue Life Limited Fatigue Life Multiaxial Analysis Combining Fluctuating Stresses Design of Rotating Transmission Shaft Cumulative Damage Palmgren-Miner Rule Spectrum Loading References
Chapter 4. Strain Method One-Dimensional Analysis Monotonic Properties (Tension Test) Cyclic Properties Fatigue Life Multiaxial Analysis Multiaxial Stress and Strain Components Equivalent Strains and Stresses Computing Fatigue Life References
Chapter 5. Crack Propagation Fracture Mechanics Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics Griffith Theory of Fracture Extension of LEFM into the Plastic Domain Crack Propagation Under Fatigue Load Constant Amplitude Loading Variable Amplitude Loading Mixed Loading and Multiaxial Effects Plane Cracks Under Mixed Loading Three-Dimensional Cracks Under One-Dimensional Loading References
Chapter 6. Surface Integrity and Fatigue Surface Roughness Surface Roughness Form and Measurement Effect of Processing on Surface Roughness Change of Surface Roughness in Service Surface Roughness and Fatigue Metal Structure and Strain Hardening of the Surface Layer Surface Layer Formation Strain-Hardening Parameters Effect of Processing on the Surface Layer (Strain Hardening) Stability of Strain Hardening Influence of Surface Layer on Fatigue Residual Stresses Classification Origin of Residual Stresses Measurement of Residual Stresses Effect of Processing Methods on Residual Stresses Relaxation of Residual Stresses Effect of Residual Stresses on Fatigue Processing Methods and Fatigue: Summary References
Chapter 7. Fatigue Life Improvement Shot Peening Shot Peening Devices Surface Integrity Rolling Parameters of Rolling Surface Integrity Burnishing References
Chapter 8. Diagnosis of Fatigue Cases Fatigue of Fuse Pin in an Aircraft The Problem Problem Analysis Crack Propagation Conclusion Crack Propagation in a Breech Block The Problem FE Analysis Conclusion Thermal Fatigue of a Coke Drum The Problem FE Analysis Conclusion References Appendix Nomenclature Index
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