The Lesser Jihad: Recruits and the Al-Qaida Network

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Despite many countries' successful efforts to capture and kill al-Qaida members, the al-Qaida network remains one of the most viable threats to international security. To combat this threat, we must understand why individuals continue to join the network. This insider's look at recruitment will help policymakers, government officials, academics, the press, and citizens to understand_and combat_recruitment into the al-Qaida network.


Chapter 1: The Recruitment Dilemma
Part I
Chapter 2: The Beginning and Context
Part II
Chapter 3: The Demographics of Extremists: Is There a Profile?
Chapter 4: Individual Motivation: The Push to Extremism
Part III
Chapter 5: Methods: The Pull to Extremism
Part IV
Chapter 6: The Way Ahead


Elena Mastors is associate professor at the Naval War College. Alyssa Deffenbaugh is a program analyst with ManTech International Corporation.


Mastors...and Deffenbaugh...have made an original contribution...insightful and practicable, a notable achievement. Summing Up: Highly Recommended. CHOICE, January 2008 By focusing on the al Qaeda network's recruitment processes, The Lesser Jihad is an important contribution to our understanding of the measures required to counter and defeat such a terrorist network. The Washington Times The Lesser Jihad presents new information on how al Qaida and its affiliated groups manage the recruitment of new operatives into their diverse terrorist networks. The authors' analysis is well-informed, original, and an important contribution to the field of terrorism studies. -- Joshua Sinai, The Analysis Corporation
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