Conducting Training Workshops: A Crash Course for Beginners

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November 1997



Each chapter begins with a fable. Each fable becomes an illustration of a key component of training workshop success. Van Kavelaar's engaging style moves you quickly through the essentials of workshop design, enabling you effortlessly to assemble a precise, effective plan. This book is excellent for accidental trainers, individuals who never identified themselves as trainers but find that they must share their know-how with others. And even experienced trainers will benefit from Van Kavelaar's back-to-basics approach to workshop planning.
Maybe you have never trained before. Maybe you have trained many times before. Maybe you are a manager who must give the subject-matter experts the tools they need to present their knowledge to their coworkers. Anywhere you need a training workshop . . . you need "Conducting Training Workshops,"


Preface. Determining the Context of the Training. Identifying Learning Objectives. Selecting Instructional Methods and Strategies. Choosing and Using Training Aids. Making Explanations Clear. Asking and Answering Questions. Polishing Communications Skills. Enhancing Interpersonal Skills. Developing a Lesson Plan. Evaluating Training Effectiveness. Index.


EILEEN K. VAN KAVELAAR is an education services specialist with the U.S. Army Recruiting Command. In that capacity, she manages the educational programs that the Army provides to high schools and colleges within Indiana and Kentucky. She also conducts training for recruiters. Eileen has a doctorate in adult education from Indiana University and currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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