Intentional Revolutions: A Seven-Point Strategy for Transforming Organizations

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April 1996



Let science set the stage The most valuable ally a change agent could want. Author Edwin Nevis and his coauthors leverage breakthrough behavioral and social science research to arrive at seven surefire methods for investing workers with an all-new mindset. The results: a powerful strategy for influencing behavior, minimizing resistance to change, and sustaining an organization that is continuously adapting and self-renewing. Filled with examples of both successful and failed change efforts -- and with numerous case studies from companies including Motorola and Xerox -- this is one how-to on effecting change you should definitely include in your arsenal.


Part One: The Challenge of Transformational Change 1. Discontinuous Thinking: The Challenge of Tranformational Change 2. Building a New Consciousness: The Creation of Organizational Reality 3. Practical Dimensions of Transformational Change Phases and Methods 4. The Path of Least Resistance: Working with Multiple Realities Part Two: Seven Methods of Influence: An Integrated Strategy for Transformational Change 5. Persuasive Communication: Enabling People to Envision a Different Future 6. Participation: Creating a Shared Reality Through Joint Endeavor 7. Expectancy: Using the Power of Self--Fulfilling Prophecy 8. Role Modeling: Showing a Conducive Work Environment 9. Extrinsic Rewards: Reinforcing Behaviors that Support the Transformation 10. Coercion: Using it Legitimately 11. Integrating the Strategies for Maximum Impact


EDWIN C. NEVIS is one of the nation's leading consultants in the field of organizational management. A twelve--year past president of Cleveland's Gestalt Institute, he is also author of Organizational Consulting: A Gestalt Approach (1987). JOAN LANCOURT is affiliated with Innovation Associates, a division of Arthur D. Little, based in Boston. HELEN C. VASSALLO is the former department head and Harry Stoddard Professor of Management at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Named National Woman of the Year by the American Business Woman's Organization, she currently teaches and consults in the field of organizational management.


"This book is both a mind-stretcher and a practical guide . . . an important addition to the library of any leader concerned with change." --Richard Beckhard, director, Richard Beckhard Associates and coauthor of Changing the Essence
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