James G. Blaine: Architect of Empire

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November 1999



In James G. Blaine: Architect of Empire, author Edward P. Crapol assesses Blaine's role as an architect of empire and revisits the ambitious imperialistic goals of this two-time secretary of state. Crapol examines Blaine's pivotal role in shaping Am


Chapter 1 Years of Preparation Chapter 2 Success and Fame on the National Scene Chapter 3 From the House to the Senate Chapter 4 Secretary of State, 1881 Chapter 5 Mr. Republican, 1882-1888 Chapter 6 Imperial Statesmanship, 1889-1892 Chapter 7 Conclusion: Imperial Legacies


The book is highly recommended for courses in U.S. foreign relations as well as the history of the late nineteenth-century United States. The International History Review Into his expert analysis of James G. Blaine's visions for expanding American power in the world, Professor Crapol has skillfully woven insights into the late-nineteenth-century roots of the 'American Century.' -- Emily S. Rosenberg, Macalester College James G. Blain: Architect of Empire is a beautifully written, delicately nuanced, and sophisticated analysis not only of Blaine but of the entire period in which he was active. Professor Crapol places this major figure of American foreign policy firmly inside the development, ideological and economic, of a growing empire, transforming, in the process, standard accounts of nineteenth-century American 'isolationism.' The book should become required reading for everyone interested in U.S. foreign policy. -- Marilyn Young, professor of history at New York University and author ofThe Vietnam Wars, 1945-1990 Crapol's bibliographical material shows the depth of his research and provides further sources for people to read... It is an enlightening work and Crapol should be commended in shining fresh light on one of this nation's most brilliant politicians. Bangor Daily News
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