Giant Strides: The Legacy of Dick Wellstood

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Drawing upon Dick Wellstood's unpublished personal correspondence and the recollections of his family, friends, and fellow musicians, Giant Strides explores the personality of this talented musician and intriguing man. Meyer's own writing and interviews with Wellstood himself, as well as Kenny Davern, Marty Grosz, Dick Sudhalter, Joe Muranyi, and Dan Morgenstern bring Wellstood to vivid life.


Edward N. Meyer received a law degree from Columbia University and is currently a practicing attorney in Austin, Texas. A jazz enthusiast, he served as the Director and Chairman of the New Jersey Jazz Society from 1994 to 1997.


This book is painstakingly researched and documented...It's a beautiful, loving job. Cadence Magazine ...samples generously from Wellstood's own writings (for a variety of publications) which reveal his intelligence and humor. Included are many entertaining anecdotes, some rather earthy, about Wellstood's musical experiences in and around New York. The Mississippi Rag Meyer does a straightforward job of telling Wellstoods' life story, and he brings to it a richness rare in many biographies...There are few biographies that succeed as well as Giant Strides in giving a true glimpse of what the creative life in jazz is about and why supremely intelligent people like Wellstood beat themselves up so badly to live it. JazzTimes Magazine If you ever wanted to know more about Dick Wellstood-and particularly, what made this complicated person "tick", this book is for you. Studies In Jazz ...vastly interesting...very readable and sensible...a rewarding experience that should not be missed. The IAJRC Journal Edward Meyer has done a brilliant job in trying to assess the interaction between Wellstood's personality and his music. It makes for fascinating and moving reading. Jazz Journal International Meyer has fashioned a truly comprehensive, intriguing biographical study of a man who defies definition by his very nature. This is biographical writing at its best. Coda Dick Wellstood remains, all these years after his death, this writer's favorite pianist. This book is a welcome addition to his bookshelf. Mississippi Rag Giant Strides is a model of its kind. Notes: The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association
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