Ritual in Early Modern Europe

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September 2005



This new and expanded edition of the first comprehensive study of rituals in early modern Europe examines the impact on the European interpretation of ritual from the discoveries of new civilizations in the Americas and missionary efforts in China. It also adds more material about rituals peculiar to women. Edward Muir draws on extensive historical research to emphasize the persistence of traditional Christian ritual practices, even as enlightened elites attempted to choose reason over passion, textual interpretation over ritual action, and moral rectitude over gaining access to supernatural powers of anti-Christian rituals. First Edition Hb (1997) 0-521-40169-0 First Edition Pb (1997) 0-521-40967-5


Introduction: what is ritual?; Part I. The Ritual Moment: 1. Rites of passage; 2. The ritual calendar; Part II. Rituals of the Body: 3. Carnival and the lower body; 4. Manners and the upper body; Part III. Ritual Representation: 5. The Reformation as a revolution in ritual theory; 6. The Reformation as a ritual process; 7. Government as a ritual process; Epilogue: mere ritual.


Edward Muir is Professor of History of the Northwestern University. His publications include Civic Ritual in Renaissance Venice (1981) and Mad Blood Stirring: Vendetta in Renaissance Italy (1998).


'... coherent, readable, and stimulating ... The book is just the right length for its intended student readership.' Economic History Review '... an excellent introduction to a wide range of topics that form part of that new history of sensibility, of emotion and experience that now occupies the attention of many early modern historians ... The exposition is clear and systematic and the annotated list of readings is just what undergraduates want. In addition there are judicious comments that constitute original contributions to the field.' History '... the book remains an extremely important introduction to early modern European ritual studies for students and scholars alike. And it remains a wonderful example of how to write engaging and well-informed history.' Sixteenth Century Journal
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