Quantum Nanoelectronics

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A tutorial coverage of electronic technology, starting from the basics of condensed matter and quantum physics. Experienced author Ed Wolf presents established and novel devices like Field Effect and Single Electron Transistors, and leads the reader up to applications in data storage, quantum computing, and energy harvesting. Intended to be self-contained for students with two years of calculus-based college physics, with corresponding fundamental knowledge in mathematics, computing and chemistry.


Ch. 1 Introduction and Review of Electronic Technology
Ch. 2 From Electronics to Nanoelectronics: particles, waves and Schrodinger Equation
Ch. 3 Quantum Description of atoms and molecules
Ch. 4 Quantum Description of metals, semiconductors, junction devices
Ch. 5 Some newer building blocks for nanoelectronic devices
Ch. 6 Fabrication and Characterization Methods for nanoelectronics
Ch. 7 The field effect transistor FET: size limits and alternative forms
Ch. 8 Devices based on electron tunneling, resonant tunnel diodes
Ch. 9 Single electron transistors, molecular electronics, hybrid electronics
Ch. 10 Devices based on electron spin and ferromagnetism
Ch. 11 Qubits vs. binary bits in a Quantum Computer
Ch. 12 Applications of nanoelectronic technology to energy issues
Ch. 13 Summary and brief comment on the future of nanoelectronic technics


Edward L. Wolf is Professor of Physics at the Polytechnic University in New York City. His long-term teaching experience ranges from undergraduate courses to the direction of thesis research. His research activities cover solid state physics, scanning tunneling microscopy, electron tunneling spectroscopy and superconductivity. Edward Wolf holds industrial and academic appointments. The former Director of the National Science Foundation is Fellow of the American Physical Society. He has authored over 100 refereed publications as well as a monograph on the principles of Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy. The second edition of his successful textbook 'Nanophysics and Nanotechnology' has been published recently.In 2007, Professor Wolf was honored with the "Jacobs Excellence in Education Award" by the Polytechnical University of New York.
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