Tory and Whig: The Parliamentary Papers of Edward Harley, Third Earl of Oxford, and William Hay

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August 1998



The parliamentary papers of Edward Harley and William Hay offer a unique insight into the politics of the 1730s and 1740s. The journals kept by the men during the latter part of Sir Robert Walpole's premiership provide two contrasting perspectives: Harley was a leading figure in the Tory party, and a fierce critic of the Whig ministry; Hay was an independently-minded but committed ministerialist. Hay gives an account of events in the Commons, while Harley, who succeeded to the earldom of Oxford in 1741, has a rare insider's view into proceedings in the House of Lords during the Whig supremacy. Other parliamentary papers include Hay's letters to Newcastle, providing a fascinating account of the bitterly contested elections of 1734 in Sussex and Lewes.Dr STEPHEN TAYLOR is lecturer in history at the University of Reading; Dr CLYVE JONES is assistant librarian at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London.


All those with an interest in the era of whig ascendancy, and in eighteenth-century British parliaments, will want to own this handsome and substantial volume. PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY Important for scholars of parliament in the eighteenth century. The edition is of the highest standard... Furthermore, the documents are prefaced by an introduction of 77 pages that reflects a deep knowledge of the subject and that is an important study in its own right. JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF ARCHIVISTS
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