Build Your Own .NET Language and Compiler

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* Includes a complete QuickBasic compiler with source code. We cannot overstress that this is a huge marketing hook. Virtually every experienced programmer today started out with some version of Basic or QuickBasic and has at some point in their career wondered how it worked. The sheer nostalgia alone will generate sales. The idea of having QuickBasic for them to play with (or let their kids play with) will generate sales.

* One of a kind book - nothing else comes close to this book.

* Demystifies compiler technology for ordinary programmers - this is a subject usually covered by academic books in a manner too advanced for most developers. This book is pitched at a level accessible to all but beginners.

* Teaches skills used in many other types of programming from creation of macro/scripting languages to file parsing.


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Edward G. Nilges has been developing software since 1970. In 1972, he worked on debugging an early Fortran compiler 1972 and made it available to a university community. In 1981, Nilges worked on compiler development where he developed the SL-1XT compiler for voice and data PBX programming, as well as a firmware assembler that was compiled automatically from the firmware reference manual while at Bell-Northern Research, the research arm of Nortel Networks. In 1993, Nilges began developing with VB3 and has developed a variety of projects in Basic. Edward also assisted mathematician John Nash (the real-life protagonist of the movie A Beautiful Mind) with C during a critical period in which Dr. Nash was being considered for the 1993 Nobel Prize. In 1999 Edward developed his vbExpression2Value VB-6 technology to parse and interpret SQL Server and VB expressions for his classes at DeVry. In 2001, acting upon a suggestion from a student colleague at Princeton, Nilges used his copy of VB. NET beta to write the fully OO quickBasicEngine. Nilges currently consults on the use of compiler technology in the real world to parse and interpret complex business rules in industries such as mortgage lending and credit evaluation. He finds that compiler optimization can be used to verify the consistency and completeness of business rule sets.

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