Rethinking AIDS Prevention: Learning from Successes in Developing Countries

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November 2003



This is not another book about how AIDS is out of control in Africa and Third World nations, or one complaining about the inadequacy of secured funds to fight the pandemic. The author looks objectively at countries that have succeeded in reducing HIV infection rates...along with a worrisome flip side to the progress. This book is a bellwether in the escalating controversy, offering persuasive evidence in support of the ABC approach and exposing the fallacies and motivations of its opponents.


"Green's Rethinking AIDS throws out the bath water but rescues the baby. He refuses to reject recommendations of abstinence and fidelity from religious conservatives simply because they come from this source. The world has been slow to catch on that the successful Uganda AIDS story is about abstinence, fidelity and for others, reducing dramatically their number of sexual partners. These are powerful epidemiologic strategies and once again, Green is a pioneer in bringing the story to a wide audience."-Elaine M. Murphy, Ph.D. Professor of Global Health George Washington University School of Public Health
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