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November 1994



The field of neuropsychology has grown rapidly in recently years. New developments have been of interest across disciplines to cognitive, clinical, and experimental psychologists as well as neuroscientists.
Neuropsychology presents a comprehensive overview of where the field stands now relative to all these disciplines. Representing the critical areas in human neuropsychology, this book begins with the history and development of the field and proceeds to discuss brain structure and function with regard to attention, perception, emotion, language, and movement.
Key Features
* Provides a comprehensive literature review
* Chapters represent the critical areas in human neuropsychology
* Organized for ease of use and reference
* Contributors from medicine, experimental, cognitive, and clinical psychology


S. Finger, History of Neuropsychology. J.M. Clarke, Neuroanatomy: Brain Structure and Function. H.J. Jerison, Evolution of the Brain. M.C. Corballis, Neuropsychology of Perceptual Functions. M. Kinsbourne, Neuropsychology of Attention. H.A. Whitaker and H.J. Kahn, Brain and Language. K.M. Heilman, Emotion and the Brain: A Distributed Modular Network Mediating Emotional Experience. J. Grafman, Neuropsychology of the Prefrontal Cortex. E.A. Roy and P.A. Square, Neuropsychology of Movement Sequencing Disorders and Apraxia. M. Dennis and M. Barnes, Developmental Aspects of Neuropsychology: Childhood. E. Koss, Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia. W. Heller, Cognitive and Emotional Organization of the Brain: Influences on the Creation and Perception of Art. N.Y. Weekes, Sex Differences in the Brain. R. Hanlon, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. Author Index. Subject Index.


"Neuropsychology is an interesting and informative overview of several current topics of the field. It is enjoyable and stimulating to read from cover to cover... It is recommended for seasoned researchers, clinicians, as well as nonspecialists interested in learning about hemispheric specialization and other intriguing brain-behavior relationships." --CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOLOGY
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