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A comprehensive survey of world cinema since 1970 with accessible and engaging text which includes over 1000 film references


Prelims; Introduction; Hollywood and the Rise of the Blockbuster; Crime and Action Spectaculars; New Science Fiction; Horror; Comedy and Comedians; Classic Genres Revived; Auteurs and Independents; X-Rated; Women and Film; Gay and Lesbian Cinema; Hollywood and Ethnicity; National Identities in Western Europe; Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union; The Middle East and the Muslim World; Bollywood and New Indian Cinema; African Voices; Cinema in the Far East; Cinema in Australia, Canada, New Zealand; Latin America; Cinema Tomorrow; Notes; Chronology; Directors' Filmography; Bibliography; Index; Acknowledgements


Edward Buscombe is a leading authority on cinema, having lectured and written on film for over 30 years. Formerly Head of Publishing at the British Film Institute, Buscombe is a regular contributor to film journals and has written several books.


'Cinema Today is informative, comprehensive and up to date, and provides a unique resource for academics, students and anyone with an interest in the moving image and the film invaluable reference tool.' (Cinema Technology) 'This epic survey of post-1970 cinema is possibly the most addictive film book ever published. Wherever you open it, your eye is struck by an iconic or striking image...Linked by a judicious text the book's 500 pages are equally divided between films you know and films you'd like to know.' (Independent)
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