Bassically Speaking: An Oral History of George Duvivier

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Januar 1993



Duvivier's reflections on growing up in Harlem in the 1920s and 1930s, the evolution of the bass, life in the commercial studios, and his memories of close associates. With discography/solography and previously unpublished photographs.


Edward Berger is Assistant Director, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University and co-editor of Scarecrow's Studies in Jazz series. He is co-author of Benny Carter: A Life in American Music and Teddy Reig's biography, Reminiscing in Tempo (vols. 1 and 10 in the series) and co-editor and frequent contributor to the Annual Review of Jazz Studies. David Chevan, a bassist and doctoral candidate in musiclolgy at the Graduate Center, CUNY, has published articles in The Black Perspective in Music and Black Music Research Journal.


We owe our thanks to jazz historian Edward Berger for this new book... Bass Player ...very illuminating and intriguing book...interviews and information are so well done you just grow with the man from his childhood and develop a kinship... Victory Review Duvivier's legacy can now be passed on to others via this comprehensive effort...should be required reading by all jazz scholars... The Magazine For The Modern Bassist ..a brilliant, living study of one of the finest, most revered, totally professional and experienced bass players ever to illuminate the jazz inspired format...This study is complete. Crescendo & Jazz Music ...many great, inside stories...this is one of the indispensable jazz books. JazzTimes Magazine A fine memorial - organized in an interesting and illuminating form, and gives a true picture of a fascinating musician. Many good photographs are scattered throughout...and...there is a 15-page album of photos from George's infancy to his last years. Allegro ...superb...answers many important historical questions and helps separate the myth from the man and essential source... International Society Of Bassists in-depth study of Duvivier which includes many big names, photographs and a large discography. Big Bands International ...highly informative yet eloquent history...all libraries should ensure they have a copy. Highly recommended. Bassics This is another in the ever-growing and important series of authoritative books from Scarecrow Press in cooperation with the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies and, like those volumes that have preceded it, will very likely become the definitive book on its subject...the book is informative, factual, and although very entertaining is an invaluable working tool... The Mississippi Rag This is a book well worth your time and expenditure. The IAJRC Journal ...a thoroughly scholarly, yet very warm tribute... Storyville
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