An Analysis of Two Levels of High School Spanish Textbooks

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This analysis features Five Cs standards developed
by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign
Languages (ACTFL). The history and philosophical
foundation of ACTFL and the development of the
foreign language standards are outlined. The Five Cs
standards are discussed in regard to their scope and
implications. A plan for conducting the
microanalysis is outlined to determine to what
extent elements specified in the standards are
included in the Spanish language textbooks. Secular
language texts exist that are clearly keyed to the
standards as promulgated by ACTFL. This study
examines the role of teachers as researchers and the
national foreign language content standards as valid
criteria, developing evaluation instrument(s),
collecting and analyzing the data, and reporting in
such a way that the elements can be reproduced to
evaluate other language textbooks. It is anticipated
that development of a valid rating system based on
language learning standards can be developed to
assist potential users in making decisions to adopt
language textbooks for classrooms by using this


Dr. Valerio is a graduate of Purdue University where he received
a master''s degree in Spanish linguistics and a doctorate in
Foreign Language Education. He currently lives with his family
in central Pennsylvania and serves as the Foreign Language
Education Program Coordinator at Lock Haven University of
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