Guinea Pigs: Food, Symbol and Conflict of Knowledge in Ecuador

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Mai 1997



Presents a description of the range of cultural practices surrounding the guinea pig, ranging from the way the animals are reared, through a cuisine, to their role in ritual life. This book highlights the way the gender dimension is central to understanding resistances to 'modernization' and the power of 'experts'.


History of a project;
the cultural complexity of the guinea-pig;
the meat produced;
the meat transformed;
the healing meat;
the meat as commodity;
social and cultural logics.


Eduardo P. Archetti Professor of Social Anthropology,University of Oslo Translated from the Spanish by Valentina Napolitano


'The book is a useful first reference to the important concepts in the human-animal relationship and will no doubt raise many questions which may stimulate the reader to delve further into the topics.'Anthrozoos'Provides intriguing information.'TLS'This book is an important addition to both Andean and Latin American anthropology. The author has made a significant contribution to the general study of ritual, consumption and indigenous knowledge. Moreover, the book is short, easy to read and impeccably translated.'Cambridge Anthropology'Anybody who has read Eduardo Archetti's marvellous social history of the guinea-pig (Archetti, 1997) will realize that his work is not easy to pigeonhole.'Critique of Anthropology, reviewing Masculinities: Football, Polo and the Tango in Argentina
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