A Reference Grammar of Modern Hebrew

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April 2014



This organized, accessible guide to all aspects of contemporary Hebrew grammar presents the basic structures of the language. It uses a minimum of specialized linguistic terminology to analyze grammatical categories, phrases, expressions, and the construction of clauses and sentences. Verb and noun tables are provided as well as a comprehensive index in this useful teaching resource and easy-to-use reference tool.


1. Preliminary discussion; 2. Writing and pronunciation; 3. The verb system; 4. Verb pattern groups; 5. The noun system; 6. Pronouns; 7. Numerals; 8. Adjectives; 9. Adverbs; 10. Particles; 11. Noun phrases; 12. Verb phrases; 13. Modal verbs and expressions; 14. Clauses and sentences; 15. Language in context; Appendix 1. Verb tables; Appendix 2. Noun tables; Appendix 3. Punctuation rules; Appendix 4. Rules for Ktiv male; Index of terms.


Edna Coffin is Professor Emerita of Hebrew Language and Literature at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Shmuel Bolozky is Professor of Hebrew at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


'Anyone who wants a solid reference book for Hebrew grammar would benefit from this book. ... the authors provide numerous examples in illustrating their teaching points. Whenever possible [they] provide Hebrew terminology alongside the English terms to help students benefit more from this textbook. ... overall I would recommend [it], since there seems to be no better Hebrew reference grammar which has a better value than this one.' SIL Electronic Book Reviews
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