The Styles of Eighteenth-Century Ballet

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An exploration of the various styles of eighteenth-century dance, i.e. ballroom versus ballet, the four traditional styles of theatrical dance, regional preferences for given styles, and the breakdown of this system of styles, together with a consideration of the importance of caprice, dance according to gender, the overall voluptuous nature of stage dancing and finally dance notation and costume.


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 1 The Rise of "the French Art of Dance" Chapter 4 2 Ballroom Dancing versus Ballet Chapter 5 3 The Four Traditional Styles of Ballet Chapter 6 4 One Man's Style, Another Man's Poison Chapter 7 5 The "Fair Sex" and Its Style Chapter 8 6 Caprice: To Each His Own Style Chapter 9 7 The Meltdown of the Four Traditional Styles Chapter 10 8 Voluptuousness: The Heartbeat of Ballet Chapter 11 9 Choregraphie: Choreographic Representation and Misrepresentation Chapter 12 Appendix: Remarks on Costume Chapter 13 Bibliography Chapter 14 Index Chapter 15 About the Author


Edmund Fairfax is an independent scholar.


Well-researched...Recommendeddddd CHOICE ...a scholarly, well-researched, but very readable work on the development of ballet in the 1700s...Even non-history buffs will want to invest in [this] book. Dancer An enormously valuable work of scholarship. American Society For Eighteenth-Century Studies Book Reviews This forthright book addresses many misconceptions surrounding eighteenth-century dance. Its author, schooled in music, fashion design, languages, classical ballet and Baroque dance, is well placed to address these myths...Fairfax's careful selection and shaping of copious quotations from primary sources should convince all but the most blinkered reader that this period's dances and dancers were anything by primitive...a wealth of new material and interpretations...This book is planned as the first in a series of three studies: volume two will consider technique, while the final volume will cover pantomime ballet. Fairfax has challenged many of our perceptions with a clear-sighted approach to constructing history, working from the declared philosophy that a historical document read in isolation is not actual 'history'. Given Fairfax's striking conclusions and the breadth of his reading, we can anticipate that the other volumes will also break new ground in dance history. Eighteenth-Century Music ...explores an important subject that has received little attention in the past, has been treated piecemeal when it did, and is finally tackled here with confidence, over a broad base of data...The project is colossal, the material is rich, and the book is dense with quotations, packed with fascinating information that the reader must absorb at the frenzied pace set by an author who capers his way up and down the eighteenth century and back and forth across European borders...Fairfax's give to dance history is substantial... Dance Chronicle Well-researched...Recommended CHOICE
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