DEC Is Dead, Long Live DEC: The Lasting Legacy of Digital Equipment Corporation

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August 2004



DEC Is Dead, Long Live DEC tells the 40-year story of the creation and demise of one of the pioneering companies of the computer age, and explains in detail how a particular culture can become so embedded that the organization is unable to adapt to changing circumstances even though it sees the need very clearlyIt shows how the evolution of technology, organization and culture intertwine into a complex system that may leave the organization unable to cope. It shows clearly the price of success and growth and the potential problems that organizational maturity creates.


1. Purpose and Overview; 2. The Subtle Lessons of the Digital Story; 3. Creation of the Culture - Ken Olsen the Engineer; 4. The Nature of Engineering Culture; 5. Ken Olsen the Leader And Manager; 6. Ken Olsen the Marketer/Salesman; 7. The Digital Cultural Paradigm and Its Impact; 8. The Organization Matures, Dec 1957-1975; 9. Symptoms of Malaise; 10. Organizational Schizophrenia in the 1975-85 Decade; 11. Turmoil and Decline In the 1985-92 Period; 12. A New CEO, Revival Efforts, and Death; 13. Lessons and Implications


Edgar H. Schein is currently Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus at the Sloan School. He is also the Founding Editor of Reflections, the Journal of the Society for Organizational Learning devoted to connecting academics, consultants, and practitioners around the issues of knowledge creation, dissemination and utilization.
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