Glad Monster, Sad Monster

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Januar 1997



Glad, sad, silly, mad - monsters have all kinds of different feelings! In this innovative die-cut book, featuring a snazzy foil cover, you'll try on funny masks as you walk through the wide range of moods all little monsters (and kids!) experience. Here's a fun, interactive way to explore the many different ways we feel! Caldecott Medal-winning author/artist Ed Emberley provides readers with an imaginatively crafted book that helps children identify and understand their emotions. Visit him at his Web site: .


Ed Emberley is a Caldecott Award-winner and the author of Go Away, Big Green Monster!; Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug; and his enormously popular Fingerprint Drawing Book series. He lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts. His website is
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ISBN: 0316573957
Untertitel: A Book about Feelings. 'Little, Brown and Company'. Empfohlen von 4 bis 7 Jahren. colour illustrations. Sprache: Englisch 22, 4 cm / 28, 7 cm / 1, 7 cm ( B/H/T ).
Verlag: Hachette Book Group USA
Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 1997
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