A Challenge to the Black Church

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Oktober 2004



This insightful analysis raises questions about the black church and its impact on black society. Interwoven with scripture, this text addresses such complex and passionately debated issues as "Is the black church leading the movement in the new millennium?" "How can the church attract more youth and males?" "Does the church have an ear for the hip-hop generation?" and "How do we explain so much poverty in the richest country in the world?" Written for those involved in the church who are concerned about its impact, this examination discusses the church's role in the black community and its future.


Introduction; Is There a Balm in Gilead?; An Awesome Declaration; The Strange and Unusual Good News; From Delusion to Sanity; Where is the Fire?; For Such a Time as This; No Cheap Grace; From Evil Intentions to the Goodness of God; The Vow We Make; Epilogue.


Rev Earl Trent Jr is the pastor of Florida Avenue Baptist Church. He lives in Washington DC.

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