The Theory of Complex Angular Momenta: Gribov Lectures on Theoretical Physics

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A rigorous introduction to the theory of complex angular momenta, based on lectures by Vladimir Gribov.


Foreword Yuri Dokshitzer; Introduction Yuri Dokshitzer and Leonid Frankfurt; 1. High energy hadron scattering; 2. Physics of the t-channel and complex angular momenta; 3. Singularities of partial waves and unitarity; 4. Properties of Regge poles; 5. Regge poles in high energy scattering; 6. Scattering of particles with spin; 7. Fermion Regge poles; 8. Regge poles in perturbation theory; 9. Reggeization of an electron; 10. Vector field theory; 11. Inconsistency of the Regge pole picture; 12. Two-reggeon exchange and branch point singularities in the l plane; 13. Properties of Mandelstam branch singularities; 14. Reggeon diagrams; 15. Interacting reggeons; 16. Reggeon field theory; 17. The structure of weak and strong coupling solutions; Appendix A: space-time description of the hadron interactions at high energies; Appendix B: character of inclusive spectra and fluctuations produced in inelastic processes by multi-pomeron exchange; Appendix C: theory of the heavy pomeron; Index.


Vladimir Gribov was one of the leading physicists of the twentieth century.


'The book is a very useful, pedagogical description of the way in which the general principles of the theory of complex angular momentum can be derived and applied to high-energy processes.' Contemporary Physics '... unique, important and impressive.' Zentralblatt MATH
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