Impact Assessment and Evaluation in Transportation Planning

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Januar 1994



Impact Assessment and Evaluation in Transportation Planning contains a refreshing approach to transportation planning by integrating impact analysis and evaluation methodology. It is original in that impact assessment and evaluation are brought together in a coherent framework. It is novel in the history of transportation science and particularly suitable as a pedagogical text, since methodologies are illustrated with various case studies and examples. It is particularly suitable for practitioners and students who want to become acquainted with conflict analysis and plan/project evaluation in the area of transportation planning.


Part A: Transportation Planning: Shifting Boundaries.
1. Transportation Planning: a Theatre of Operations.
2. Need for Decision Support in Transportation Planning.
Part B: Impact Assessment in Transportation Planning.
3. Principles of Impact Assessment.
4. A Review of Impact Analysis Methods.
5. Behavioural Impact Models in Transportation Planning.
Part C: Case Studies in Transportation Impact Analysis.
6. A Micro-Oriented Inquiry among Entrepreneurs on Regional Impacts of Infrastructure.
7. Infrastructure Endowment and Regional Growth Potential: an Empirical Analysis.
8. Impacts of Infrastructure on Regional Development: Results from a Frequency Analysis.
9. An Explanatory Impact Model for ERDF Expenditures and Regional Development.
Part D: Methodology of Evaluation in Transportation Planning.
10. Evaluation and Conflict Analysis in Planning.
11. A Survey of Multiple Criteria Evaluation Methods.
12. A Methodology for Selecting a Tailor-Made Multiple Criteria Method in Transportation Planning.
Part E: Applications of Multicriteria Analysis in Transportation Planning.
13. Urban Infrastructure Planning and Historico-Cultural Heritage: an Application of a Qualitative Sign Analysis.
14. Rail Infrastructure Planning and Qualitative Information: an Application of Regime Analysis.
15. Airport Planning and Functional Specialization: an Application of a Nested Regime Method.
16. Location of Parking Facilities in an Historical Town: an Ex Post Multiple Criteria Evaluation. References.   


Peter Nijkamp is Professor in Regional and Urban Economics and in Economic Geography at the VU University, Amsterdam. His main research interests cover quantitative plan evaluation, regional and urban modelling, multicriteria analysis, transport systems analysis, mathematical systems modelling, technological innovation, entrepreneurship, environmental and resource management, and sustainable development. In the past years he has focussed his research in particular on new quantitative methods for policy analysis, as well as on spatial-behavioural analysis of economic agents. He has a broad expertise in the area of public policy, services planning, infrastructure management and environmental protection. In all these fields he has published many books and numerous articles.§In 1996, he was awarded the most prestigious scientific prize in the Netherlands, the Spinoza award.
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