A Guide to Golf Course Irrigation System Design and Drainage

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Januar 1997



"A Guide to Golf Course Irrigation System Design and Drainage details every phase of an irrigation program - from the system design to construction, from scheduling to operation, and much more. It also covers the fundamentals of drainage design and installation. Turfgrass managers and golf course superintendents will refer to this handy book often to plan and implement effective irrigation systems, ensure appropriate capacity, easy installation, and practical operation and maintenance.


Preliminary Design Data and General Information. Irrigation System Design. Greens and Tees. Pipe Layout. Pipe Size Selection. Two-Row System. Electric Fundamentals. Pump Selection. Remote Control Valves. Automatic Controllers. Scheduling Irrigation. Guideline for Basic Surveying of Tile Drainage Systems. Tile Drainage Systems. Appendix 1: Standard Irrigation System Symbols. Appendix 2: Goulds Conversion Charts. Appendix 3: Glossary. Appendix 4: Friction Loss Characteristics. Appendix 5: Sprinklers. Appendix 6: Resistance Method of Sizing Wire. Appendix 7: Pumping Station Control Valving. Appendix 8: Automatic Controllers. Appendix 9: COPS 4 Computer Oriented Programming System. Appendix 10: Automatic Irrigation System Bid and Bidding Specifications. Index.


Edward S. Pira, Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, received his BSAE degree from the University of Connecticut, in 1949, and his MS degree in 1959. He joined the Agricultural Engineering Department, Stockbridge School, at the University of Massachusetts in January, 1953, and was assigned to teach undergraduate courses in turfgrass irrigation and drainage. Mr. Pira's winter school, a ten-week short course, became very popular, and attracted student s from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and South America. Graduates from his turfgrass programs serve as golf course superintendents on some of the most prestigious golf courses worldwide. To assist in teaching the turfgrass irrigation and drainage program, many guest lecturers from the leading irrigation companies were utilized. Companies represented include Rain Bird, Toro, Buckner, and Hunter. Golf course architects, system designers, installers, consultants and soil conservation personnel also lectured on a regular basis presenting "state-of-the-art" equipment installation methods and operating procedures. Mr. Pira spent his sabbatical leave (1986) visiting numerous golf courses, irrigation companies and consultants to learn about new systems and operating procedures used for golf course irrigation. His leave was highlighted by a trip to St. Andrews, Scotland. He was a successful researcher, wrote many articles, and presented numerous papers pertaining to subsurface and drip irrigation. He holds two patents related to drip irrigation component design and installation. During his tenure he received the Stockbridge Outstanding Teacher Award numerous times, and special recognition from the Irrigation Association, and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. He retired September 1, 1992.
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