Risk, Crisis and Security Management

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The risk and security industry has grown rapidly in recent years, largely as a consequence of increasing regulation and governance in many parts of the industrialized world. Risk, Crisis and Security Management not only considers how risk, crisis and security may be linked in an organizational context, but also reviews the role of simulation and gaming in responding to these phenomena.
Risk remains a subject of intense social and political controversy. How we manage risk appears to dominate every debate from providing social services such as health, transport and public safety to the regulation of corporate activity. Risk, Crisis and Security Management is vital reading for all students of any of these subjects hoping to make it in the real world, as well as being highly relevant for practising security professionals.
Key Features
* Shows how simulations can be used to help train employees in preparation for crisis management.
* Includes contemporary case studies such as the King's Cross underground disaster, 9/11 and City University's recovery from fire.
* Draws on the extensive and original research of the author who is one of the leading academics in this field.
* Supplementary material for readers and lecturers is provided on an accompanying website.


Aims and Objectives.
1. The New Totems.
2. Theories of Risk and Organisational Failure.
3. Security: The New Corporate Totem.
4. Crisis.
5. Business Continuity Management.
6. Using Simulations and Games for Crisis Management.
7. The Management of Risk, Crisis and Security.
Appendix. Four Very Different Case Studies.
Case Study 1: 11 September 2001.
Case Study 2: Business Continuity Training at a Bank.
Case Study 3: The KIng's Cross Underground Fire.
Case Study 4: City University's Recovery From Fire.


Edward Borodzicz is Professor of Risk and Crisis Management at Portsmouth Business School, and is also Director of the new Centre for Risk, Crisis and Security Management at the University of Portsmouth.


"...this book examines the links between risk, crisis and security management..." (Supply Management, 6th October 2005)
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