Ethics and Human Well-Being: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy

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Dezember 1996



This is an ideal introduction to moral philosophy for beginning students and general readers, dealing with the philosophical theories which often lie behind everyday opinions and inviting the reader to examine those theories thoroughly.
Using numerous examples and diagrams, Professor Bond guides the reader through the key problems of theoretical ethics seeking to outline a substantial view of morality in universal practical reason, he concludes in an attempt to show that a viable universal morality can only relate to the thriving, flourishing or well-being of individuals in a community.


Part 1 Moral skepticism: psychological egoism cultural relativism; subjective relativism. Part 2 A rational basis for ethics: practical reason and value; moral value. Part 3 What morality is: three different approaches to ethics; goodness of character (Aretaic morality); the avoidance of wrongdoing (Deontic morality). Part 4 Tying things together: the relations between Aretaic and Deontic morality; justice and rights; the best life for all.
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