Doping in III-V Semiconductors

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Doping of III-V semiconductor compounds is the basis of virtually all semiconductor heterostructures and all optoelectronic devices. This is the first book to provide a comprehensive and thorough treatment of the subject, examining both theoretical and experimental aspects, and including important material on delta-doping. The author is involved in research at one of the world's foremost microelectronics laboratories, and while assessing the current state of the art, he also provides valuable introductory material for those beginning studies or research in this field.


1. Shallow impurities; 2. Phenomenology of deep levels; 3. Semiconductor statistics; 4. Growth technologies; 5. Doping with elemental sources; 6. Gaseous doping sources; 7. Impurity characteristics; 8. Redistribution of impurities; 9. Deep centers; 10. Doping in heterostructures, quantum wells, and superlattices; 11. Delta doping; 12. Characterization technique.


"Fred Schubert has written a book that very nicely fills two roles: It serves as a reference volume for those of us who use III-V materials, and it provides enlightening explanations of interesting and important problems in semi-conductor physics...His lucid explanations of some of the important physics of doped semiconductors is a major strength." David L. Miller, Physics Today
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