Peptides and Non Peptides of Oncology and Neuroendocrine Relevance

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September 2003



Describes the ability of a series of endocrine-derived compounds, i.e. CHRH, LHRH, somatostatin, anti-androgens, and aromatase inhibitors to exert a direct anti-neoplastic activity or to potentiate the activity of traditional chemotherapeutic agents on neuroendocrine and solid tumors. In addition, a new class of potent GH-releasers, GSHs/Ghrelin, endowed with important endocrine and extra-endcocrine action, is presented. Therefore, in addition to traditional chemotherapy, characterized by high toxicity and non-selective action on tumoral cells, the reader can find a new approach with more selective, less cytotoxic endocrine derived compounds.


Twenty-five years of endocrine oncology with analogs of hypothalamic peptides;. Analogs of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC);. LHRH antagonists in gynecology;. Physiology and pharmacology of somatostatin and its receptors;. Role of LHRH receptor in the control of melanoma growth and progression;. SOMATOSTATIN/GHRH/GH.
Cortistatin revisited;. Antineoplastic and antiangiogenic actions of somatostatin analogs;. Somatostatin in clinical endocrinology;. Antagonists of growth hormone - releasing hormone (GH-RH) in oncology;. GH receptor antagonists: basic knowledge and clinical perspectives;. GHRELIN/GHS.
Ghrelin mimetics (growth hormone secretagogues): interactions with hypothalamic circuits controlling energy balance;. The receptors of growth hormone secretagogues in the cardiovascular system and their physiological functions;. Endocrine and extra-endocrine actions of GHSs: basic studies;. Endocrine and extraendocrine actions of ghrelin and GH synthetic secretagogues: clinical studies;. ANTI-ESTROGENS, ANTI-ANDROGENS, ANTI-PROGESTINS, AROMATASE INHIBITORS IN ONCOLOGY.
Hormonal treatments of endocrine-dependent tumors: preclinical aspects;. Hormonal treatments of endocrine-dependent tumors: clinical aspects;. Aromatase inhibitors;.


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