Call Centers' Quality of Working Life

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Juni 2011



As the world moved into a new millennium, with the visible improvements in technology and communication, service sector showed a rapid growth. With an increasing demand in this sector, call centers developed as a means to satisfy and fulfill the arising needs of the customers. As a result, the number of call centers also showed an increase. In relation to that, type of work, the workforce, and quality of work life issues came upfront both in the academic and business world. This book reveals an extensive research carried out with Call Center Managers and Agents regarding the impact Quality of Work Life concept has on their organizational, and task-related perceptions, including turnover. The results are interesting in terms of reflecting certain solutions to be offered for the business world.


Duysal Askun Celik, PhD: Studied Psychology and Clinical Psychology at Bogazici University. Earned Doctorate degree in Organizational Behavior from the Marmara University. Is the founder of Smart Solutions Human Resources Management and The Group of Change Personal Development. Is conducting training and consultancy projects since 2002.
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