The New Idea of a University

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Something has gone deeply wrong with the university - too deeply wrong to be put right by merely bureaucratic means. What's wrong is, simply, that our official idea of education is itself uneducated. This book is a defence of the philosophy of liberal arts education and an attack on the sham that has been substituted for it.


Preface: Anecdotes and Judgement Acknowledgements I THE ECONOMIC CASE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION 1 Education as Investment II THE OLD IDEA OF A UNIVERSITY 2 Newman 3 Jane Austen, Leading Authority on Liberal Education III THE NEW UNIVERSITY FOR LIFE 4 The Vision and the Mission Mr Collins as the Leading Modern Authority Sir Ron Dearing, Son of Collins 5 The New University as Training in Skills 6 How to Run a New University in Seven Easy Lessons (i) Teach (ii) In Courses (iii) With Aims, Objectives and Goals (iv) In Modules (v) Total Quality Controlled (vi) Give Firsts (vii) Put on the Crown Jewels: Research, or, Great Heaps of Nothing IV LEVERING UP STANDARDS, OR, TOP-DOWN DRIVEL Introduction to Part IV 7 A-level, the Jewel in the Crown Introductory Examining the Examiners Inspecting the Inspectors The New, Modern A-level 8 An Examining Board in the New University V CONCLUSION 9 The Tree of Knowledge or a Shopping Mall? An Anecdote of Institutional Life An Education Policy Document Notes on the Text
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